Resale Shopping

Tangerine jacket and long skirt with pockets.

One of our local resale shops was having a sale and I could use a couple more summer items, so I went. With resale shops, sometimes what you find is not exactly what you went in for, which just adds to the adventure of the day, I suppose.
I like shopping resale for the following reasons: 1) it keeps useable items from being discarded. 2) it costs less money to get clothes this way. 3) generally the clothing that makes it to resale is higher quality-fast fashion stuff shows wear quickly. 4) I prefer natural fabrics to synthetics and a lot of what is at resale shops are natural fabrics, see reason #3.

Two bright green tops: one for summer and one for spring and fall, both 100% cotton.

The above four items were a total of $35 USD. The shirt below, which I bought for my son, was $3 USD.

Heavy weight 100% cotton.
These straps are just too fussy for me.

The tangerine jacket was the single most expensive item at $15. That was because it has a designer label. I don’t care about that so much, but the garment is well-made and I really like the color. And it is a perfect spring (i.e. unpredictable weather) layer.
I didn’t like the strap things, which made the sleeves bunchy, so I cut them off.

Aaahhh. Much better.

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