Sake and Cherry Blossoms

I’m not sure, these might be plum blossoms.

Last night, The Missouri Botanical garden hosted a fundraiser event called Sake and Sakura where the public were invited to enjoy the just blooming cherry trees in the garden during the evening. As further enticement, the evening could include up to six samples of Sake and a tour of the tea house island, which is usually closed to the public.
Of course I went, because, well– Tea house. Cherry blossoms. Sake.

It is almost impossible to find a bad view in the Japanese garden.

A friend, who is also a member of the Garden accompanied me and we strolled the garden in the waning daylight listening to an ensemble playing Japanese drumming music, sipping Sake and Japanese whiskey, admiring the spring garden and occasionally chatting with another person enjoying the evening.

In a week, this tree will be stunning!
I could not stop myself from taking photos. What a tourist!

I can now say, with some authority, that I do prefer red wine to Sake. For me the minimalist, the only downside to the entire evening was that we were gifted with a commemorative Sake cup to take home.

Now I have to figure out what to do with this charming cedar box.


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