Bed in a Box

The overnight guest is not in the box.

We do not have a spare bedroom or a sofa, but still host the occasional overnight guest. This is my solution: a gel foam mattress, pillow and a warm comforter.

With a little sqooshing, they all fit in the box.

I’ve had the inflatable beds before, but each developed a hole after just a few uses. And said hole was discovered as we were trying to blow up the bed at 10pm. This set up is compact, portable and leak proof.



  1. That’s a smart solution. Early in our marriage my parents came to visit, and we had nothing for them to sleep on but extra blankets and the floor. Fortunately, they were avid outdoors people, used to hiking and sleeping in the woods, so they considered an indoor floor and clean blankets a luxury.:-)

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  2. Love your idea! We just bought a good quality foldable camping bed (to use in our very small back yard as a sofa / lounger / bench) and it’s amazingly comfortable. Folds away into a size of two camping chairs. Thought I’d share – I think our camping bed plus your mattress would make a luxurious sleeping place.

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