Kitchen Tile Make-Over

Here you can see the original “decorative bottle” tile from the 1960’s and my planned replacement stickers.

There were a lot of things about this kitchen that I was not really wild about when we moved in. And maybe if I owned the place I would have been tempted to remove a wall and replace the cabinets. But as a renter, I am seeking the most frugal and sustainable ways to make it workable and perhaps a bit more attractive.

What is not to love? The color. The stylized representation. The faintly disturbing idea that these bottles are from the Mod Squad’s evidence room.

Some of you may love these retro mid-century ceramic tiles. However, you do not live here. And I do not like them. So out they go.

It took longer to write this blog post than to put these stickers on the wall.
Voila! And if whoever comes after me does not like them, they just peel off.

If any of my readers wish to try a similar product, just do an internet search for “temporary tile stickers.” If you want this specific product, go to StickPretty. These tiles come in many color and pattern variations. I do not get any reimbursement if you buy them.


  1. Great idea! I might use this for my kitchen as well.
    But yes, as you said, “some of you might like …” and I am among those. The 50-60s decors are really fashionable were I live (tek furnitures etc…) so yes I liked them but I understand your point and as you say, I don’t live in your kitchen!
    As usual great inspiration in this post! Thank you for sharing!

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  2. I didn’t mind the little tiles, but your solution sure is more attractive!

    I had severely curtailed my internet reading time as I was preparing for a French competitive exam, now that it’s over I had the pleasure of reading several of your posts and finding your new abode there! Congrats on the move 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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