Community Supported Agriculture

The CSA bounty and how I used it.

In my CSA box this week: 3 Bok Choy, a bunch of radishes, a dozen eggs, rainbow swiss chard, a bag of spinach, a head of lettuce, a bag of fresh spring mix greens.

Those spring mix greens have a short shelf life. So we ate them first. In smoothies.
Obviously a lot of non-CSA food went into the blender also. But yummmm. Me and son Mike both love these any time of day.

Next was a white bean and greens recipe that I held onto all winter, waiting for the greens.

You can’t even see the sliced carrots or garlic in the stew. It is topped with some homemade croutons (honestly not worth the effort) and Parmesan cheese. It was delicious and I shared it with son Patrick, who lives a couple blocks away. Son Mike was out of town.
While this photo looks a lot like the previous one, it is a completely different recipe.

This is sautéed swiss chard and radishes, in a garlic butter base. Then topped with a sprinkle of shredded Parmesan cheese (which I already had in the fridge.)

Big old salad for the pot luck.

Tomorrow, we Quakers are having a work day at the meeting house (church building to you regular folk.) And we will break in the middle of our workday to have a potluck meal. I am bringing this tossed salad with several of the ingredients from the CSA: lettuce, radishes, eggs.

After all that, the fridge is almost empty and ready for the next CSA adventure.


  1. Your greens look so yummy! Today, I went to the farm market near our house for homegrown asparagus, kale, hot house cherry tomatoes, homegrown spinach. Love this time of the year. Your dishes look so good!


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