Frugal (Free) Haircut

St. Louis’s legendary humid heat is starting to arrive, and I plan to be out in it most of the summer. There’s landscaping at the Quaker Meeting house and walking to yoga and the grocery store and other errands. I’m one of those fair-skinned types that gets all pink and dewy with the slightest exertion. So it’s time for my summer haircut.

When it’s wet and the curls straighten, it’s down to my waist.
Here is the technique: comb everything forward to create a unicorn horn on your forehead. Secure the hair close to the scalp with a rubber band. Cut the hair about 8 inches out from there.
It creates a lovely layered look. This techniques works for straight and wavy hair too.
And here is the summer up-do. I wear it like this all summer. It is so much cooler.


  1. Your hair looks great!

    Remember the early 80s when everyone was walking around with long-haired perms? Oh how I wished I’d known your technique back then. Now my hair’s short. I’ve ALMOST talked Dear Husband into cutting it for me.


  2. OH, how pretty you look! Love your technique. I saw this on a blog awhile back & tried it myself when my hair was longer. Now I have a shorter layered cut, so I don’t trust myself to cut it.


  3. My husband has been cutting my hair for me since we first met. He wrapped a sheet around my shoulders for the first haircut and for the second one onward, he has used a cape. His method is to comb out my hair, section just behind my ear on each side, pin it up, then start trimming the bottom layers, letting each down in 1/2” increments to match the freshly trimmed layer below. He also does a great job and due to his respect for my wishes to have my hair long, it grew from my collarbone to past my elbows, that wouldn’t have happened if I had stuck with the salon route. My best friend stopped by to visit while hubby was cutting my hair and watched. She asked him why he doesn’t just put it in a ponytail and saw it off. He explained how he cuts my hair in a manageable amount, doing it in sections, the shears cut cleanly, giving an cut. If you take too much hair at once, the blades push the hair before they cut, leaving it uneven. She said that makes sense, complimented his work as he uncaped me and said, “I’m next!”. Hubby said ok, she took a seat and had him give her a haircut. Hers is not as long as mine, but she doesn’t want to lose all her length at the hands of scissor happy stylists. When he finished, she thanked him and asked to book her next appointment. SonI think I have it pretty good when my best friend prefers my husband taking the shears to her tresses, rather than go to the salon. I save hundreds a year and I don’t mind sharing my stylist with my best friend.


    1. I, also, think you have it pretty good. And your husband’s technique is superior to mine. Unfortunately, I am the haircutter in this household. I take what I can get.


      1. I am happy with it. He is the family barber/stylist giving haircuts to my boys, my mom, me, a couple of my friends and doing his own in the mirror using a combination of the clippers and shears. Saves me hundreds a year and it is so convenient. And I know he always does a great job. So if one of my friends asks him to give her a haircut, I don’t worry he will mess it up. It is more likely she will want him to give her haircuts on a regular basis. I do a lot of work outdoors as well and like you, I prefer my hair out of my face. So as well as cutting my hair, hubby also will braid my hair for me. I get French, Dutch, fishtail, side, wraparound, dual, 4 strand and regular 3 strand braids. I myself cannot do anything more than a simple three strand, but he learned doing them watching YouTube videos and practicing on me, the hair model. I get compliments on my braids and he has shown acquaintances how to braid their daughters’ hair.

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      2. Haircuts at the salon can be expensive, no doubt. I used to pay $65 plus tip and mine was a lot shorter then, only to my collarbone. The kicker when you have long hair like mine, which reaches past my elbows , they add in a “long hair extra” charge. Of course I have not set foot in the salon to get mine cut as my husband does mine, so I can imagine the prices have gone up. Last weekend we were invited to a barbecue at my best friend’s house, and aside from the fruit salad I was bringing, she told me to be sure my husband brings his hair scissors. He did give her a haircut on her deck last summer and a trim back in December, so she was due for one. Well after we ate and were hanging out on the deck, she asked if he brought his scissors. He went to the car to get his bag of hair tools and she got a stool from the kitchen. So he caped her and did her haircut as we chatted and sipped wine coolers. After he finished, my friend’s coworker at the party complimented his work and said it must be nice having your stylist come to your house to cut your hair. She then reached back and pulled her extremely long ponytail around, held it up and said to my husband that her ends are horrible, I really need a trim. It had been well over two years since she last had it cut. He said he could do that if she wanted. To our surprise, she got up, took out her ponytail and held up her hair so she wouldn’t be sitting on it and took a seat on the stool. She said she wanted the damaged ends trimmed straight across the back. He told her to do that he would have to take off five inches or so. She asked him to cut to her hips so she wouldn’t be sitting on it. He said ok, as we watched intently. I had never seen a woman with hair so long, it was past her butt, getting a haircut. When he finished, she had my friend take a picture so she could see the back. She was very happy with her haircut and I guess they would have charged her well over $100 for the same haircut in the salon. So I know that I have it good when not only my best friend wants him to cut her hair for her, but her coworker hopped on the stool and trusted him to cut her extremely long hair as well.


      1. I wish! My hair turned out pretty good! I called a salon today and they said the stylist on duty charged $80 for a cut, and I don’t mean to sound cheap… but that’s literally what I spend in a week for groceries! Turned on YouTube and BAM new summer haircut!

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