Quaker Squirrels: Plan B

See the freshly chewed wood?

Recently, squirrel activity at the Meeting House increased exponentially.

There was the almost constant scampering noises in the walls.

There was the day that our squirrel friends got into the hot chocolate mix packets that were intended for our human homeless winter guests. There was a dusting of chocolate-sugar powder over a good portion of the social room along with 10 or 12 partially opened foil packets. And a fair amount of squirrel urine and poop on one of the tables that the humans usually eat at. It looked like they had had a demented chocolate frat party!

In the social room, I set a couple of traps that do not kill the trapped animal, slathered the bait tray with peanut butter and tiptoed out. A week went by. They ignored my traps and found a plastic container of jelly, chewed through that and smeared jelly around the squirrel poop. Sigh.

We put all the food that was not in metal cans inside a refrigerator that has been turned off for the off-season. They haven’t figured out how to get in there. Yet. Still they ignored my peanut butter laced traps.

I called in a professional varmint-catching company and they set two traps right outside the squirrel’s front door, which you see in the above photo. These were baited with professional-grade squirrel enticements. I was instructed to check the traps daily and call the company as soon as we had a critter. I went every day for a week. The squirrels left the traps alone and enlarged the hole which is their entrance to the wall. Hoo Boy.

Next week, I meet with the professional squirrel catcher to find out what Plan C looks like.


  1. What incredibly intelligent critters! Yes, pain in the butt, but I can’t believe how they can figure out what’s a trap and what’s safe-eating. Haha, “demented chocolate frat party,” glad to see you’re keeping your sense of humor about the whole affair.


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