Quaker Landscape Plan

My hand-rendering of the Meeting house landscape plan

The local Quaker church has an ambitious plan to convert the landscaping from invasive species and alien ornamental species to native plants in order to support the local fauna that depend on them.

We are fortunate that a local foundation, Brightside, provides us with free plants and a lot of information to make our landscape plan successful.

This bed was planted last year, but needs a little infill to replace the plants that did not survive the winter.

Each summer they put on a symposium with speakers who teach us how to be better native species gardeners. I have learned so much these past two years.

This 2 foot x 90 foot space will become a grass fence between neighboring parking lots.

Then they allow not-for-profit organizations to apply for grants of native species plants. Last summer we received a grant of about 140 plants and a hose and sprinkler. This year we are requesting about 130 plants.

Can you tell I have fun making these drawings?

This year, we hope to double the size of our butterfly garden.



  1. Fawn, I said this way back when you put gravel at your old house in that one bad spot–you have the soul of a landscape designer. These drawings are fantastic!! I have retired from landscape design, but it was only a 2-year degree and was SO FUN to do it for a living. Just saying…


    1. I believe you are right, that I have the soul of a landscape designer. And now that I am retired, I get to do it when I want and take as many days off as I require. I also have the soul of a home designer and am trying to hatch a plan to convert on old house or apartment building to a net-zero energy use home(s.) You can be sure that when I find the right property, I will blog about the project here.


    1. The squirrels have moved out for the summer and we have hired a contractor to fix the window sills where they have been getting in. Winter will be the time we find out if our efforts have been successful. I will be sure to let you all know.


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