Plant Curtain Fail

Dining area and window

I’m not a big fan of metal blinds. They are not pretty, they are hard to clean and they are…well…hard, not soft like curtains.

I like the view from this window, up in the canopy of the tree and there is not a strong need for privacy. The only folks who can look into this window from outside are the next door neighbors, if they are standing on their stair landing during the months that the leaves are gone.

So, I thought I would experiment with a plant curtain-using plants to obscure the outside view to the inside.

I took down the venetian blinds. I bought some new pots and plants- Sansevieria Trifasciata and Sansevieria. I moved some chairs out of the way and pushed the table up to the window.


I didn’t like it. So I moved everything back. I switched up the plant on the table and gifted two plants to my son who lives nearby (one of the new Sansevieria Trifasciata and an elephant ear plant that was just struggling.)

A morning’s work for naught.

The left over plants got moved to the elephant ears former site.

I like this little vignette.

Sometimes you just can’t see it until you see it.


    1. Yes, I did. And you are correct, the common name for these plants is Snake plant. Which I prefer to the other common name for them “Mother-in-law’s tongue.” I hope I can keep them alive. I’m still learning when it comes to houseplants. 😛


  1. Random thoughts . . . .

    1. Like the way the table looks when surrounded by all 6 chairs. Makes it seem as tho you’re ready to host a meal with family and friends at a moment’s notice. (Kind of like seeing that tea kettle on the stove makes it seem as though you’re ready to make a pot of tea.)

    2. Like the Sansevieria. When I was growing up, my grandmother had several of them in McCoy pots. And when I visited family in Belgium 45 some years ago, it seemed that every window was filled with very tall Sansevieria several feet high. (And I like the way yours look in front of the mirror.)

    3. Wondering if you might consider a bamboo blind for the window. See the window in Janet’s pantry on the gardener’s cottage blogspot. Not as hard as metal blinds.

    4. Another possibility for the window might be simple unlined white linen curtains. They would softly filter the light.

    Fun to see all of these glimpses of your new place.

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    1. Hi Kris- Good to hear from you! There are actually 8 chairs around the table. If the whole family drops by, I will have to borrow dishes! If I owned the place (or even if we end up staying a long time…) I would definitely do the linen curtains. I love that soft light. BUT, since we seem to be stabilizing here, I have started to dream of owning a home again. I just need to make sure I have the energy to do the work.


      1. Yes, of course! Eight chairs! (My counting ability apparently declines as the day progresses.) And interesting that you may be thinking about owning a home again. You do seem especially well equipped to handle it. And I really loved your former home. Mostly the way it was furnished . . . so serene. It also had “good bones” as they say. (I also remember your amazing minimalist garage.) But of course I do appreciate all of the energy that it takes to own a home.


      2. It does take a lot of energy to maintain a home. When I moved to apartments I thought that I would channel that energy into community spaces. But I’m learning that my introverted self needs a place of refuge, however small. It is my nature to make serene and beautiful wherever I live. Plus, I’m excited about the idea of creating a net-zero energy use home. THAT would require owning it.


    1. That is exactly what I am planning. Right now, what is up in the air, is do I buy new or retrofit an existing building. It depends what properties are available.


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