Birthday Wrap/Card

I bought this adorable faux plant at a fair trade store.

My daughter’s birthday is coming up. She likes to decorate with both live and imitation plants. I won’t see her in person, so I’m mailing it. I boxed it up.

Box repurposed from another use, and plain roll of paper that I can decorate.
I thought about printing a repeated pattern, but went with the idea of just using the wrap as the birthday greeting.

It’s a little scribbly–but enthusiastic. [Don’t tell her it’s on the way]

Bonus Content:

No green linen here.

I had an idea for a piece of fabric art I want to make and I went searching for some green linen for the project. I didn’t find any at the charity shops OR the expensive new fabric store. I did find all this beautiful fabric that I will turn into … I don’t know… something. While there are some design constraints to using not new fabric, I love the sustainability and frugality and required creativity of using found cloth. Just for comparison purposes, that brown linen in the lower left corner is new, one yard and cost $27.00 USD. All the other pieces combined were $13.00 USD. I’ll post completed projects here.


  1. Your birthday wrap is SO cute! Your daughter will love it. Your scribble-shading is attractive. Fabulous! I’m going to steal this idea for a family member’s birthday next month.:-)

    That paisley fabric is gorgeous.


  2. Love the wrap! A few years back I found a nice plain design (dots) paper and bought a few rolls. I use it for every occasion and just add a complimentary bow. So much easier!!

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  3. I did something like that! My paper had silver stripes-you can turn that Christmasy or baby gift ready or for a birthday or wedding, depending how you dress it up. So much easier than having a wrap for every occasion.


  4. Wonderful idea! I really nevery thought of doing that nor have I seen it anywhere else. I am going to steal your idea. You are a genious!
    On a side note, your blog post notification came in my mail just on the day of MY daughter’s was a nice little serindipity!


      1. Thank you! She said it was her best birthday ever! (the 6th birthday is the most appreciated one by most I think!)


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