Why There Is No Blog Post This Week

Well, okay, there is this….but there is no real content.

That is because I have been busily working behind the scenes to create content. Like the cleaning/repair/re-grouting of the bathroom tiles. I have devoted a couple days to this project and will likely need one more before it is done. And I so wanted to wait until I had Pinterest worthy before and after photos. They are soooo satisfying.

One of the other big things I did this week was put in an offer of a hot mess of a house. It hasn’t been condemned, per se. But the city basically told the owner to either fix these structurally unsound things or sell off. And they decided to sell off.

Southern exposure–one and a half stories of solar gain!

Here in one photo, you can see all that attracted me to the property–the collapsing deck and stair, the defunct hot tub, the cheap, disintegrating siding, the native species weeds in the back yard.

What really attracted me was the location in a walkable city, in a market that has been increasing in value in recent years, the above mentioned one and a half stories of southern exposure, a highly rated school district and the price, which was set to ensure the interest of rehab flippers.

And one of those flippers may get the property. So for now, I wait, and rest up….because if my offer on the property is accepted, I will be working hard to gut/rehab it for several months.

Just think how many blog posts I can get out of this wreck of a house!


  1. Waouaw! That sounds like a project! You are very courageous! That’s a terrific idea. I would never have the courage to do that.
    Wish you good luck!
    Just by curiosity, have you consult with an energy specialist or the house energy-classified? Here in Denmark, all the houses on the market have an “energy-label” from A to E. I would guess it would be difficult to transform a “E” house to a “A” or “B” level house, just because of the thickness of the walls and without replacing all the windows.
    What an adventure!

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    1. I’m not aware of USA rising to the level of housing having energy ratings. I do know that this house will be getting new siding, insulation, windows and floor plan. Basically, it will have to be taken down to the studs and a bit of reconfiguring after that, and all new mechanicals. It will look very different and function very different, when I am done with it. The architects I have hired are specialists in sustainable housing. One trained in Switzerland and one in Portland, WA, USA


  2. Wow! Definitely a multiple blog post project! All the best with your offer. You really are an extremely optimistic courageous woman! I would like to think I could do something similar but a vision of me running in the opposite direction of that house would be closer to the truth for me.
    So I look forward to the posts they may give me courage.

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    1. It’s a funny thing I have learned about myself in retirement, play includes fixing something broken and making it beautiful with an element of service to others. If a project has all those things, I’m having fun the whole time!


  3. I’m looking forward to your posts as I learn new skills from you. Carpentry/building is a skill I want to acquire and the fearlessness to confidently have a go. Wishing you all the best in this new adventure .

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  4. I was also planning to try to build a bookcase! this kind of project are REALLY NOT a passion of mine, but I cannot seem to find what I need (with the right dimensions), so I will have to build it myself. The only things I have build so far are a small spice “cabinet” in 6th grade and more recently a couple of book shelves…so pray for me 😉

    But I truly admire those who can manage these kind of projects!

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