Butternut Squash Soup

My new favorite soup!
I used a whole chopped onion and 2 tablespoons of butter, because that is how I roll.

Things that are on the horizon, but not yet complete: the cleaning and re-grouting of the bathroom tiles, the acceptance/rejection of the offer on the hot mess net-zero house, a minimalist remodel of the apartment living room (whaaat? who puts that kind of effort into a rental?)

And this really is my new favorite soup.


  1. Because i have never been able to peel or cut up butternut squash, my favorite recipe calls for baking the squash in a pan w 1/2 inch of water for an hour @ 375º (maybe with tonight’s dinner). Then cut in half, scoop out the seeds, and you can wait to make the soup tomorrow, if you wish. I’ll try your version with my precooked squash, though. and email you the farmer’s wife’s recipe that came with the squash in our CSA package.

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    1. Simple Butternut Squash Soup

      Now not all butternuts are the same size, so I always make this soup without measuring a thing. Give it a try and see how it goes….

      First bake your squash. Because they are so tough I simply bake it whole in a large pan with 1/2 inch water in the bottom of the pan.
      I bake it at 375 for about an hour. You can do this the day before. Check for doneness by piercing with a knife. It should be very tender.

      After cooling squash, slice in half, remove seeds and scoop pulp into a container. Sometimes I run the pulp through a food processor and then store it in the fridge. That way I can add a scoop here and there to things like pancakes, muffins, soup.

      To make butternut soup: saute one onion or two in butter until translucent. In large blender place about 2 cups pulp, onions enough stock or water to make the blender work. Pour this into soup kettle. Repeat if you have more pulp (without the onions). Stir in applesauce – about half as much as the butternut pulp, or less. Dilute with more water or stock, or even cream, to desired thickness. Heat gently. Season with salt, pepper, cinnamon, ginger and curry powder.

      This is
      The Farmer’s Wife’s Soup
      from Red Earth Farm near Philly


  2. I love butternut squash soup & make it quite frequently in the fall & winter. I have never put cream cheese in my recipe, but next time I make this I’m going to try your recipe. Sounds yummy!

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  3. Swap out the cream cheese for a can of coconut cream or coconut milk. My simple recipe is squash or pumpkin saute 1 onion in a little oil/butter add 1-2 tablespoons of thai curry paste red/green your choice. Add cubed squash, 1 can coconut cream/milk and enough water to almost cover the squash plus 1 vegan stock cube (Massels chicken is good). Cook till squash soft then blitz with a stick blender in the pot. ENJOY!


  4. One of my favourite soups too (along with Russian borsch with beetroot). I add a little tomato paste or canned / fresh tomatoes and a peeled apple or weak vinegar – to counterbalance the sweetness. I like the cream cheese idea – we tend to cook without, but then some people add sour cream. Once tried adding pine nuts, tasted great. Our local fitness instructor adds red lentils to it.
    (Does anyone else here like borsch?)

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      1. Never expected that 🙂 must try the pickled beetroot version! Now this might be too much but I love it with sauerkraut (cooked along with beetroot, potatoes and other stuff).

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      2. I think I would like regular borscht with a sauerkraut addition. I think that would give it the edge that I like in the pickled beet version.


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