Clean Threshold

Beloved Readers-

I realized this is the second kind of lame post in a row. The bathroom tile/grouting project is time consuming and I can really only work on it when my son is visiting at his dad’s because there is no second bathroom to use while work is underway.

In the meantime, I amuse myself with small projects I can knock off in an hour our two. Here is one from this past week.

Here is the threshold to our apartment with decades of grime in the crevasses.
And here it is a couple hours later.

All that took was a bit of vinegar, a toothbrush and some elbow grease.

And it makes me happy every time I cross the threshold.

PS. I did not get the house that I made the offer on, so back to the property search.


  1. Vinegar? That’s certainly cheaper than the toxic stuff in the household products aisle. I’ll have to try it, once I get up the gumption.

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  2. Ahh, vinegar and elbow grease…definitely my way of cleaning too.
    Oh darn about the house offer. I think better house is around the corner for you. (And I was so looking forward to your fixer upper blog posts!!!)


    1. Lou- This is my thinking also. My son and I are in a good space now. So we have the luxury of waiting for the right property for our project. I talk to anyone (including meeting members) who might be interested in this project. Most folks are encouraging. I am confident that the right property will come along. And until then we are safe and warm. These are privileges that many can not access.


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