Bathroom Tile Project

Sloppy painting, sloppy caulking and dirt have been accumulating for some time.

From the moment that I moved into this apartment last February the grime and careless workmanship of the tile repair bothered me. I knew that tackling the tile and grout was going to be an intensive task. I undertook some easier ones elsewhere in the apartment first, so that I could have some success under my belt before I took this on.

It turns out some of those tiles were only being held up with paint and edge caulk.

And it got worse before it got better. I scraped out the filthy grout before gluing the cleaned tiles back in place.

After the glue set, I laid down fresh grout.

So much prettier!

And the corner that set me off–



    1. Naw. It makes perfect sense-we put our effort into what we care about. I love to create a beautiful home. I see it every day, it makes me happy. For the building manager, it was just item 183 on his to-do list. Then he moved on to 184.


  1. Amazing! Such a fantastic job Fawn. It makes a big difference! I am also doing different small jobs in my appartment but I get interrupted all the time (playdates, phonecalls from family.. .) my week-ends seem to be just a succession of interruptions and I make very little progresses. Right now my home looks like a tornado hitten place because of some painting projects! 😃 And it is difficult to work at night and early mornings because I don’t want to wake up other members of the family…I much prefer to work intensively in one go so this is very challenging! But you are an inspiration. You seem never to be discouraged. I am determined to lead this project to completion!

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    1. Beatrice- Working around small children makes any project take longer. I would never have attempted the bathroom tile project with children afoot. I would have paid a tradesperson to do the work while we were out of town! I do think you are wise to focus on just one project till that one is done before starting another. I do get discouraged, but I know how much happier I am to live in a beautiful home….so I persevere. Good luck with the painting project!


  2. It looks fantastic! Great work! Thanks for sharing. I’m like you…nice looking flooring is a simple and real pleasure, esp when you do it yourself. I lined the area under my kitchen sink cabinet with a nice scrap of flooring and it makes such a difference. A mini boost of satisfaction every time I open the cabinet doors to get dish detergent. My skills are much less advanced than yours, but I measured and cut the vinyl myself and stuck it down, hehe!

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