A Few Things I’m Grateful for This Thanksgiving

This is where I usually park my car.

We had some high winds Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, and when we woke Wednesday morning, we were greeted to this tree crashed down onto what is my usual parking spot. I’m ever so grateful that I parked in a different spot when we got home from the movie Tuesday night.

Half of the flatware and plates in this photo are borrowed.

I hosted a dinner at our apartment Wednesday evening for my children and their families/partners. Due to my minimalism and recent multiple moves, I did not have enough plates and flatware for 8 people, but I was easily able to borrow the needed items. No less than three people offered to loan me plates and flatware for the event.

(And by the time dinner was served, the electric company had cut down the tree hanging on the power lines and another crew came and hiked the electrical cords back up to their normal, safe height.)

All of my kids and their families/partners were able to attend the large family gathering this year, which is the thing for which I am most grateful.

Dear readers: I would love for you to share in the comments what you are thankful for this year. International readers, please chime in also. Surely, gratitude is not confined to federal holidays.



  1. I am thankful that I’m married to my best friend. I’m thankful that your car was not parked in its usual spot! I am thankful for clean drinking water, food in my tummy, my way cool dog, and a roof over my head. I am thankful for my faith, my sweet daughter, and good health.


  2. Priscilla- you are a very wealthy woman! Rich in wisdom and life’s necessities and creativity. A Mystery writer in cowboy boots. Minimalists know what is important!!


  3. I’m thankful no one was hurt by that giant tree branch! I’m thankful for cozy nights at home when it’s raining outside. I’m thankful for my kids, who are growing up and choosing lives that are just right for them. I’m thankful my husband is funny. Seriously, he’s still a hoot, and we’ve been married nearly 24 years. I think that’s pretty good. 🙂


    1. Somehow I feel that it is essential for a band director to have a sense of humor. Congratulations on your continued partnership and the launching of your kids!


  4. Lovely picture of your family. I, too, am thankful that your car was not parked where you normally park. I’m thankful for my health, my husband, my father (still alive & living independently at 99 yrs. old), my job, the church I attend, & so much more that I take for granted most days, but enables me to live a comfortable life.

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  5. I’m thankful to be alive and in pretty good health. Which means I can enjoy and be thankful for my family and friends. Very thankful that I live in a beautiful country which I plan to explore in a camper van in my retirement next year. Thankful you chose a different parking spot! Your family photo looks great and happy.


  6. This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for time with my mother as she recovered from surgery for colon cancer. I am also very grateful for her good prognosis.


  7. I’m thankful that I get to read your thoughts, as well as hear them in person. Thankful that, while my brain is aging, I’m continuing to learn and grow. Finding more of love and beauty all the time.

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