Simple Winter Décor

A little evergreen and a little light for the early evenings.

Here is my holiday décor for December. When the rest of your space is simple, it doesn’t take over-the-top flash to make it feel cared about and fresh.

The plate was in my kitchen. The cedar branches with berries came from a tree in the apartment complex’s yard. I was careful to trim from a side where the branches were not desirable (rubbing on cars in the parking lot.) The candle was .99 USD at IKEA.

After the holidays, the plate will go back into the kitchen, the cedar will be composted and the candle will either make it’s way to my meditation space or to the household emergency kit. Frugal, stylish and sustainable. Exactly what QuakerStylist is all about.

And I need a dose of restrained style, because this is our front door for the next two weeks.

… and his mustache moves. Sigh….


  1. The Santa entryway is SO not you, but maybe it’ll give some other residents a chuckle. (At least you’re not the one responsible for storing it.)

    I love your juniper-and-candle Christmas display. It’s beautiful, and it made me smile.

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    1. So true! I know many folks would appreciate air-pump Santa. He’s jolly and festive and his air pump is right outside my bedroom window. Ah….city living.


  2. OMG!! that Santa is so outrageous it becomes adorable. Somebody really really digs Santa. While I would not want it IN my apartment, it would make me smile to walk into it on my way home every day. but YMMV.

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      1. I wish I could afford to. I’d like to spend a day with you, and that Santa has had me smiling every time I think about him. So completely OTT, he’s better than that Chevy Chase movie about over-decorating your house. 😉

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  3. I was reading your gentle words enjoying the peaceful photo of your decoration and then the last paragraph and photo emerged as I scrolled down. Sorry I burst out laughing it was so unexpected!
    Well at least you know there’s a time limit on its residency!
    As Priscilla said “at least you don’t have to store it!”
    Love your decoration way more 🙂

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