Weird Place

A spring scene at my mom’s house from last year.

Beloved readers,

I have not forgotten you. You find me in strange circumstances. Recently, we have had the confluence of two unusual events: my phone photo/video storage reached it’s capacity and then while I was working on that issue, my 88 year old mom fell and broke her knee.

So I have been hanging out at mom’s house to help her out. But she doesn’t have internet. (I know!!!) So blog responsibilities took a back seat to real life responsibilities. But I believe I can move forward in this way: I need to delete a bunch of photos that I am not likely to keep, but I think are beautiful, nonetheless. So I will share them with you all and then delete them from my phone, to make space for more photographs to share with you all! Sound okay?

Lake Mendota outside my daughter’s apartment in 2018.
A rainbow outside my bedroom window on 7/4/2019.


One of the eastern facing windows from the St. Louis Friend’s Meeting House (the Quakers.) This building is in the middle of the city, mind you. I love worshiping here.

So the minimalist in me does not feel obligated to save these photos for eternity, though I did enjoy them for a moment or two.

Hopefully, I will have worked out the bugs in the system and mom will be upright on her own two knees soon.

Thanks for your patience.



  1. I am so very sorry to read about your mom, I will send a prayer up for complete healing. Thank you for sharing that beautiful window…….it looks as if the meeting house is in the middle of the countryside. 🙂


  2. I know! But it is not. One of the many mysteries of spirit. Thank you for your prayers. Mom is a trouper, we (family and friends) hope for the best possible outcome.


  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom’s knee. Bummer for both of you!
    And about running out of space: Is it an iPhone? I recently read a hack for freeing up space on those – you try to download a video from iTunes; if there is not enough space a program runs automatically within the phone to consolidate your space. And then you just cancel the video or whatever so there is no cost.
    I can find the original instructions and send them to you.
    Hang tough – “the path is made by walking”

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    1. Thanks Lou! The link is not needed. The photo/video overage began when I videotaped the youngest boy performing live at a open mike. 25 minutes worth. Once I deleted that…and [other random internet magic appeared] I could do all the previous internet work that I have been able to do….but did not have access, due to mom’s internet desert. I believe all has been restored to (my) normal.


  4. Good luck with your many challenges Fawn! My mom (84) is the same, she actually has internet but does not use it. She was pretty good with emails 20 years ago but as none of her friends were using it at the time she lost interest. We gave her an I-Pad for her 80th anniversary but she hasn’t used it.
    Sorry for not having commented for a long time. Your posts have been both interesting and relevant but real life has forced me to shrink my screen time a lot. It is about priorities….

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