Decorative Lampshade

I actually started this project as a shade for a cylindrical lamp. But I broke that lamp when I was trying to apply the fabric. So this was plan B.

And I should have left plain, white, well-enough alone.

But I had already washed, pressed and lined this fabric. Then selected these colors of thread from my sewing box.

And THEN I invested many hours of my life creating this pattern on the fabric.

At this stage, I was really pleased with the project.

Then, I broke the lamp I had done all this work for. And I did not want to waste all the effort. So, I watched a couple of videos online about how to cover a plain shade with fabric.

I made a pattern.
I applied the fabric, as per my online instructions.

And it turned out thus:


The good news is that this failure did not cost me anything but my time. And I learned a couple things, so the time was not completely wasted.


  1. I am in awe of your positive attitude! 😀 I’m not certain I would have gotten as far as you did without ditching the project. I am equally in awe of your lovely stitching. ❤️❤️❤️ I hope you have plans to do more of that.

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  2. Not real soon. I am currently caregiver to my mom with a broken knee and my son with a more complicated disability. I do love fabric art–so you can’t keep that suppressed! I’m sure there will be more stitching…..


  3. I hope your mom is healing well. You may be at the point, by now, of both of you being impatient with the process. Putting your attention on a somewhat demanding task must have been a relief.

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  4. She is better, but (surprisingly/annoyingly/fascinatingly) not doing everything she can to heal. She is a grown woman-so gets to decide how to proceed.


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