The Living Space

~ Dear readers, I hope that this post finds you and your loved ones well and safe. Please be careful and good citizens. Be courageous, which is feeling the fear and acting out of love.

I found a rug that goes with my lichen photo!

We have been in the apartment a little over a year. I think I have the living space arranged to my liking for now.

Here you can see my amethyst meditation candle holder, the most recent object acquired for the apartment.

This cabinet holds the wireless router, the laptop when it is not is use and a bamboo caddy with office supplies.

This mirror came out of my mother’s basement. It had a 6″ x 1″ chip in a corner, which I had cut off before I framed it.
A close up of His Royal Highness.
There were four of these hideous brass boob lights in the apartment. (This one is in the building’s hallway.)
I switch them out with LED models that are supposed to last 75 years! I gave the old brass ones to the building manager so he can reuse them.
The lamp is from IKEA.

I have been holding onto these chairs and table since I downsized from my house in Springfield. My daughter wants them and sometime this summer she is moving to a larger place where she will finally have room for them. I’m sure I will be rearranging everything after they go.


    1. Thank you! Mom’s knee is healed enough that she can drive again. She got ready to resume her weekly bridge games and then they got canceled due to COVID-19. She’s kinda mad about that. [insert eyeroll emoticon]


      1. That was bad timing. Of course there’s no good timing for this virus.
        Have you caught the emails about Zoom worship?

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  1. I liked your IKEA lamp so much that I directly went to their website to check it out, it is so beautiful and very cheap! You should have an affiliated link ;-))
    Me and my daughter had the virus last week. but very mild symptoms, much less than influenza but very out of breath. For her, just like a cold. I know it is very different for different people. I just want to reassure some people while urging Americans to take the virus extremely seriously and stay away from each other (we take a 2-3 meter distance) to avoid spreading the virus. You can totally have it and being unaware of it. While going out and getting some fresh air, really take several step aside not to come close to others. Just go out for fresh air and groceries, everything else can wait 2-3 weeks, it is now that you can affect the steepness of the curve. Please. Italy is now close to a 1,000 deaths a day for a population of 60 millions. Fawn, if you feel that what I am writing just add to the panic and does not bring anything postive, just don’t publish my post. You are the best judge. It is difficult from here to understand if Americans take it seriously, I think it differs from state to state. But I just saw pictures from beaches in Florida where young people in spring breaks were gathering as if nothing was going on. Young people can also get the virus even if it is less common. I am not sure what the governor Florida is thinking. As a demographer I know what is ahead of you.


    1. Most people in my circles are taking it very seriously. I, also, saw video of the Florida beach goers. I imagine that they will be shamed for their behavior when things get really serious here. I’m glad you like the lamp! I’m so, so glad you and your daughter are recovered!

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  2. Boob lights, oh that makes me laugh! I actually don’t mind boob lights, or any of those brass-detailed lights from decades past, but I know a lot of people do. Your rug looks like it was made for your space, very nice!

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  3. A lovely place. I relaxed from looking at your pictures. Good to hear your mother could drive again if any of us could drive. I hope you and your mother are surviving the quarantine.

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