Closet Surprise

Top three shelves before I started.

This weekend’s project was a reorganizing and painting of the linen closet. Due to the shape of the hallway, I can only photograph 3 shelves at a time.

Bottom three shelves.

I’m not sure what is wrong with American interior designers that they can not use the word “color”  without using the phrase “pop of,” but we will have none of that here. The phrase, I mean. I did want to add a bit of color to this closet. And I also wanted to unify and clean up the shelves.

Three had stained fabric, two had stained contact paper. The ones with fabric would not set level as the fabric made them too wide.

I removed the old fabric and contact paper and applied new white contact paper. It did not go on as smoothly as I would have liked, and in hind sight, I should have sanded and painted the shelves white. But that would have taken another weekend.

I reorganized the shelves by purpose of the objects.

Top shelf: cleaning supplies. Second shelf: Personal care supplies. Third shelf: laundry supplies.
Fourth shelf: towels.  Fifth shelf: holding area for items that are to be given away.

I’m quite pleased with the result.

Next week: homemade cloth face masks.


  1. Fawn, I’ve been following your blog for years, and I’m always so impressed with your ability to bring things that are quite worn back to life. Your creative vision and incredible work ethic are inspiring.

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    1. Shucks. Thanks. I enjoy creating beauty from (not beauty) with more muscle and inspiration than money. I believe this is accessible to everyone. That is why I blog about it.


  2. What a lovely storage place – tbh at first I thought your first photos were the “after” ones as the shelves already looked neat and minimalistic.
    You made me google the books you are giving away – I am going to sample them on Kindle. I’d love know what else you read and what your (and others’ here) favourite books are (both fiction and non-fiction)!

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