Organizing The Extra Closet

For the past year I have been storing the “sprucing up the apartment” materials in this closet.

My son’s bedroom has two closets and he uses only one of them. This closet has become the place where I store the “bed in a box” and painting supplies and just random stuff I had not yet found a home for.

Here is the other side.

The pool noodles and the lawn chairs (which we use for outdoor music concerts) may not get used this summer, but eventually we will be able to gather again. We will save them for that time.

I sorted what is going to stay and what is going to go.

The stuff that I will donate to Habitat for Humanity and a charity shop have to go back in the closet for now. But at least it is organized.

The wire hangers will go back to the dry cleaners when they open.
The orange box is a memory box for my son’s stuff. The middle box holds a few of my books for sale. The blue bins hold supplies for making fabric masks and some home repair items like Goo Gone and paint brushes.

And here are a couple of bonus photos from our walk in the park this week.


Redbud trees in bloom throughout the park are a native species.
Tulips in front of Art Hill.

Be well, beloved readers.


  1. I have closets I have been trying to get around to tackling for years. Where do you get the inspiration and the energy? Thanks for the beautiful pictures of the park.

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    1. I have learned that I actually feel much better (calmer, clearer thought) when my space is organized and clean. So basically it is just a desire to feel better.


  2. Hi Fawn.
    I love seeing the results of your efforts, but can’t help the jealousy pangs when I see that you have no need to label the boxes. Even though my brain injury is 21 years old, every sorted bag & box must be labeled & dated. Ditto incomplete projects. I finally got into working once a month with an organizing expert when the self-isolation hit and now my apartment building, a NORC (naturally occurring retirement community) won’t let anyone but residents above the ground floor. If I dedicate less than 3 hours to a project, there’s no way I’ll remember tomorrow where the stopping point was, or even what’s been completed. But today you have inspired me to a 3 hour session. here goes…

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    1. Lou- No shame in using the tools that help you be your best self! That is why I became a minimalist. So, write yourself a note about what your stopping point is and what you plan to do next in the project. Honestly, 3 hours is a long time to work on an organizing project. Good luck! And please come back and let us know how it went.


  3. Hello Fawn,
    yes your cupboard looks well organised and clean. But in my eyes in didn’t look bad in the before pictures either. However, I think I may need to have my eyesight tested when we come out of lockdown as I read – “some hair repair items like Goo Gone and paint brushes.” I was wondering what sort of a mess does your hair get into if you need these items for it ! Good job I re read it.

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