Small Things

No big projects this week. But a few small joys to share!

My new favorite recipe!

From the vegan blog  ConnoisseurVeg –on the blog, Alissa serves it with chips as a dipping sauce….but my friends, just think about all the things that you love that have cheese sauce…

I like it over steamed broccoli.

I have made it with macaroni for my son. (Sorry, no photo, because it disappeared so fast!)

Tulips in Forest Park near the golf course.

I have been going for a walk every day. Sometimes my walk is in Forest Park, which has so many lovely places. I’ve discovered some new trails. Some days I just walk to the post office to mail something. Some days I walk to one of the family-owned, local eateries in my neighborhood that I want to support during this challenging time.

Mustache mask!

And when I am sheltering at home, sometimes I am working on fabric masks for myself and friends. Here is an example of one for a friend…who is a redhead and requested a ginger mustache.

And I am working on a couple of projects that might not have bloggable results for some time. So it goes.

Beloved readers-please share how you are spending your shelter at home time.


  1. thank you for sharing such lovelies! 🙂 the vegan “cheese” sauce sounds amazing and I am going to try to make it. i am going dairy free and I am going to miss cheese so very much.
    your mask is adorable 🙂

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  2. Hi simplywendi! Check out the rest of Alissa’s website. For someone giving up dairy there are lots of ideas and yummy things to try. Stay safe.


  3. I’m going to check out Alissa’s website. The vegan cheese sauce sounds yummy! I think those mustache mask’s are the greatest. I’m “essential” so I am still working, as is my husband. I am a caregiver & he works in PT at a nursing home. We are being temp’ed twice daily & are still healthy.

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  4. Purple tulips are my favorite tulip, maybe even my favorite flower ever. They are sculptural and have such a mysterious color, like they hold deep secrets.

    I’m getting out every day to exercise, and I’m writing a lot. I’m doing fine, actually, but worried about others in the world.

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  5. I think that those of us who are “okay” have a responsibility to hold this calm and steady space for others who are in the middle of chaos. When I was a hospice nurse, it was the thing that people in chaotic loss found most helpful. They would tell us again and again, you were a calm presence in the middle of disintegration. Often they used the language of “You are an angel!” which I struggled with, knowing that I was not an angel. Be that loving center. Be that strength. If you have that within you…use it in service to others.

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  6. You don’t have to be perfect in order to be an angel. Just let your angel-ness out as needed, to the extent you can. Your blog is an example of that.

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  7. Enjoying my spring garden and the dog’s antics, knitting and listening to audiobooks with my mom and keeping her, as well as ourselves, safe. We spent 5 weeks in France, then “escaped” home and have been home for 2 weeks, with 2-3 more to go before my mom can go home, I think. Just taking it day by day.


  8. I made the cheese sauce today to use on nachos, loading up homemade tortilla chips with black beans, green onions, cherry tomatoes, and avocado. Then, I added some heat with chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. The result was absolutely amazing, and I am hooked! Even my husband, who is a committed dairy lover, was pleasantly surprised at how great it tasted. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of Alissa’s blog. This recipe is a treat and definitely a keeper.

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