More Small Things

The ginger mustache mask modeled by a ginger!

It is almost a proverb that Thou Shalt Not Make Big Decisions During a Big Loss (or grieving a big loss.) The Covid-19 virus has placed all of us in a “big loss.” So, this is the time for staying home and taking in information about this huge change and only making small changes, if at all possible.

So, my efforts are local and my posts are about small changes. Here goes:

Son Patrick donated a black T-shirt to the cause, as my elastic (I cringe to report–ordered from Amazon and shipped from China is still weeks away.)
The black T-shirt is turned into ear loops.

And then into masks.

Same brown linen as the throw pillow.
Hand sewn fabric masks for family. Made from materials on hand.
On the home front–I have started working on restoring another section of the floor.

In the past, I have worked on these larger projects while beloved son, Mike, was out of town working at his dad’s farm. But he has secured a local job at a local grocery and is home every evening. (Yay!!!) So this is my workaround to letting him know what floor space I am working on and that is “foots off.”

Mama and ducklings at Forest Park.

And here are just a few random photos from my walks in Forest Park this past week.


Can you see the purple Iris on the bank on the right?

You might have to blow up the photo, but there are multiple turtles on the log sunning themselves.

Must remind you all–this is in the middle of a big city (think of Central Park in NY.)

So my beloved readers- Stay safe. Take care of your immediate physical needs. Begin to think about what we all will want in the new world that is evoling. Do Not make big changes just yet.

And if you have lost a person or something else that is precious to you: Rest. And grieve. And rest. What ever that means for you. Rest. And Grieve. And Rest.



  1. The mustache mask is adorable. Love the turtles. The river where I walk had 2 families of turtles until a flood 3 years ago raised the river nearly 6 feet. When the flood water subsided, the turtles were gone. I used to check on them every time I walked there.
    Reality check: I had a severe sinus infection with blockage last week; when the antibiotics finally kicked in, the discharge looked more like effluvia from an oil change than anything expected to issue from a human – it was startling!! So now, I’m so grateful just not to be dealing with that horror show that my cabin fever has disappeared. (“You never know when you’re having good luck.”)
    Stay well. ❤

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  2. Oh, Lou- I am glad you are on the mend. And I like to think “your” turtles floated down stream and are now inspiring another human family downstream. Be well, my friend.


    1. I played with many a box turtle as a child. These appear to be snapping turtles, who are best admired from a distance. But yeah, they are great!


  3. I so enjoy your posts! I am always excited to see one in my inbox. They are thoughtful and soothing and why I have followed you for so long. Thank you.

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