Mother’s Day Reflections

This beautiful bouquet arrived this morning, a gift from my eldest son and his family.

To my American readers– Happy Mother’s Day! And virtually the rest of the post has nothing to do with Mother’s Day…

Earlier in the week, a property came on the market that is an excellent candidate for the Net-Zero-Energy-Use Home conversion project. It is in an ideal location. It is a good shape and size for my project. It is distressed, so has a low asking price. I made an appointment to tour the property. And while I was waiting, I read a news story that unemployment in the United States is nearing 15%. While I was touring the property, my real estate agent got a text from the listing agent that she had already received multiple offers for the property over the asking price and that if I was interested, to submit my best offer by midnight.

I thought about how I had counselled all of you, just last week-that this is not the time to make big changes. I thought about how the housing market may change drastically in the next 12-18 months due to the large amount of unemployment. I thought about how eager I am to get started with this project……and then I let the property go.

I’m a little sad about it, but overall think it is the best decision for now.

Then, I went for a walk in the park to cheer me up.

Japanese Purple Irises (foreground and right) are one of my favorite flowers.


  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Fawn. Your son and family have excellent taste; that is the most sophisticated Mother’s Day arrangement I’ve ever seen. Also simple.

    We heard your appeal for a planting-type person during Meeting announcements this morning. I wish I could commit to leading that, but I’m afraid it would be irresponsible. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to help.

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    1. Margaret! Good news! I already have one volunteer. When I started that project, my life looked very different than it does now. I will be pleased to hand the reins to someone else and be “just a helper.”


  2. It is very disappointing. I think your decision to follow your gut instinct and what you feel deep down is true was a good decision. The only “con” is that you didn’t purchase this particular property. It stops there. You won’t ever know what would have happened if you did indeed make an offer, have the offer accepted and move forward with the deal. Times are uncertain but your life still contains many “pros”, like that beautiful park for instance!! After following you for quite some time I’m pretty darn sure you will know the time is right, when the time is right! ❤️

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    1. suthbonu- There is much wisdom in your comment. These are uncertain times. I have much to be grateful for. The circumstances will change.


  3. Wise move! I never like being pressured into a decision. And being the cynic that I am I wonder about the validity of that text. Happy Mother’s Day!

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  4. Like LMR, I see the world through a cynic’s eyes when it comes to property and finances, so I doubt the validity of that text – if I were you, I’d keep my eye out for that property. Could be it is still on the market in days to come, could be it returns to the market soon. Then you can decide if you offer what you intended for it or if you let it go at last. For now, it’s good that you stepped back from it.

    Lovely bouquet – Happy belated Mother’s Day!


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