Minimalist Meditation Corner

Technically, this is all that is required of a meditation place: room to sit.

Since retirement from paid employment 2 years ago, my meditation practice has become more regular. And due to my yoga practice, my knees have become more flexible.

In the past, I meditated in a nice comfy chair. Lately, I have been assuming the more traditional posture of half lotus position. I thought about creating a more structured  meditation space with a floating shelf with flowers and a candle on it.

But the minimalist in me loves for spaces to be mostly empty and flexible and (let’s be real here) easy to clean. So I have created this meditation corner out of objects that also serve at least one other purpose in my home.

Here you can see my yoga mat, my lumbar support pillow (which also gets used in the yin yoga classes at home) and a decorative amethyst candle holder that is usually in the living area, part of my Zoom calls background.

I feel more peaceful already.


    1. Priscilla- after 2 years of almost daily yoga practice, my body can do all sorts of thing it could not do 2 years ago. That said, I still can’t do a full-plank push-up or almost anything that requires that kind of upper body strength…..but, I’m getting stronger. Maybe someday.

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  1. I like that the area is easy to clean; as I get older that is becoming a priority. I’m just starting yoga and look forward to not feeling so stiff in the hips and knees!

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