Household Count 2020

All the kitchen stuff out on the table.

Working clockwise, starting at the top: Blender, coffee maker, water kettle, skillet with lid, casserole with lid, 5 glass food storage containers (4 in photo-1 in fridge with food in it,) 4 mugs, 4 glasses, in one of the mugs are: [4 forks, 4 butter knives, 4 soup spoons, 3 serving spoons,] 6 plates, 5 bowls, saucepan w/ lid, 13 various cooking utensils, a measuring cup, 2 sauce dishes, stainless steel mixing bowl, colander, tower grater, fruit bowl, jelly roll pan, 3 dish clothes and the cutting board. #70 items.

Bathroom (#5 items)

No photos beyond what I have already posted. Items: shower liner, trash can, soap dispenser, (fake) plant, jade Buddha statute.

Common Spaces Furniture & Décor (#13 items)

The red chairs (2), rug, black mirror cabinet, mirror, plants (that have lived so far….) x3, jade toad, framed photo, crystal, table, lamp.

Oh, and I forgot the trash can in the kitchen that is semi-attached. so #89 common household items. What a curious game this is…..


  1. I really admire your counts – they remind me I need to try harder. My kitchen can service a family of 8 yet I live alone. I would love to get down to 4 of everything but because I use my dishwasher, I find I need 8 of everything. That way I only need to run the DW once a week or week and 1/2. I also freeze leftovers for later thus I have approx 15 glass containers/lids. I have 16 tall water glasses, 4 small ones, 6 wine glasses and 6 champagne flutes (and I no longer entertain since I’ve retired). Time for some serious contemplation and letting go 🙂

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    1. When using a dish washer is part of the lifestyle, then more dishes are practical. And I love the idea of having champagne flutes at the ready….to celebrate the next worthy thing. Perhaps I need to reduce elsewhere to make room for champagne and the proper glassware?


      1. I will continue to try and find which items I can let go off. Too bad we live so far apart as I would be more than happy to give you the champagne flutes!!


  2. While looking at your collection, it occurred to me that our preferences determine what we need. We have no blender, but we don’t drink smoothies. We have no tea kettle, but we rarely drink tea. On the other hand, we have twice as many coffee mugs because we drink a lot of coffee, and each mug is special.

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  3. These posts are always my favorite. I have reduced the number of items we had this year, but probably could reduce some more. Practicing Swedish death cleaning.

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    1. I think what I do is part Swedish death cleaning (decades of being a hospice nurse and witnessing the messes people left behind) and a reaction to being the daughter of a hoarder. I love my kids too much to leave them with the burden of my things.


  4. I have emptied my cupboards and drawers of dishes, cutlery, storage containers, serving trays, and decreased my plates, bowls and cutlery for 4. I have raided my linen closet and kept only 2 large towels, 2 hand towels and 14 face cloths (I change daily and only want to wash towels bi-weekly) and kept one pillow for my bed. I gathered knickknacks that no longer have any meaning to me and placed it all on my dining room table. Tomorrow a woman who recently found housing after living in a home for refugees is coming by to take whatever she needs to start her new life. I will take the leftovers to the home once they reopen where I will start volunteering weekly. I feel lighter, happier and balanced. Thank you for much Fawn for your counts that I’ve been reading for the past several years. Your inspiration has touched not only me but a new Canadian as well !!

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    1. Oh Diane- this warms my heart! So often, when we find our “enough” point, there is excess to share. I love that you have found a person who can immediately use it. Well done!


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