Office Space

A selfie taken in my new office space.

And a longish view of the same space.

Everything in this corner was purchased specifically for the office space.

So yes, my new office is actually in my bedroom. Which I chose because I can close the door, which minimizes noise and random walk-throughs (my son.)

And it doesn’t feel too weird, as most people who are still employed are working out of random spots of their home.

What are you all doing to create a home office?


  1. Well, no home office for me as I am still physically going out to work. However, I can’t wait to hear about your new work endeavors.
    Your hair looks great. It looks shorter than your post about a frugal hair cut.

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  2. I do have a home “office” which is just a small desk in the corner, but I’ve found that I need to switch sitting positions or I get stiff. So I move around. The kitchen table, the sofa, standing at the kitchen counter, the floor. Whatever works.:-)

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    1. Up until this new business venture, I just opened my laptop at the dining table or one of the comfy chairs, if I wasn’t doing much typing. The set up above has the curated décor for the Zoom and Facetime calls.

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  3. My office is my least favorite room. Because of my full time job I have a big, gray, cumbersome backdrop that sits in the middle of the room. Then so much equipment had to be set up there are wires and cords everywhere. BUT I am so grateful to be working at home right now.

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  4. If you have a way that you keep your financial life organized and minimal that would be great to hear about one day when you’re looking for a blog topic. Really anything you write about is great. I truly enjoy your posts!

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    1. Ditto. Also minimal recipes. Everywhere I look, recipes today have so many ingredients and are so time consuming that I end up just having a bowl of soup! I’m retired so I have the time to cook but just don’t have the energy (and would prefer reading a book or doing some yoga 🧘‍♀️ )


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