First Photos of Condo


This is a view towards the living room French door/balcony from the kitchen.

What is new: fresh coat of paint (Benjamin Moore White Opulence), flooring and privacy film on the windows. The privacy film is my favorite element in this room because it creates this celestial glow, even at night due to the cities’ light pollution.

The furniture and plant were brought from the apartment.

I love that the privacy film solved three separate design problems. These windows face west and there is a terrific amount of solar gain that was overwhelming the HVAC system until the outside temps dropped below 30 degrees F.

As you can see from the before photo, the view is of a parking lot and the neighbors back decks. While one or two neighbors were interesting to watch as they smoked or took phone calls on their porches, the entertainment value did not compensate for the dreary view.

Finally the windows and door are in a foot wide push out of the room. To hang draperies meant cutting that space off of a already long and narrow room.

I’m still painting and moving the furniture around, but am eager to show you all more.


  1. Things are already looking good as you put your own personal touch on your new apartment. As usual you have made it look calm and tranquil. Just one thing have you removed one of the pendant lights? Looking forward to more news and photos as you make alterations. Wishing you and your family a peaceful and healthy New Year.

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    1. There are still three pendant lights, it is just the angle of the shot that left one out. You remind me of something my mom said when I sold my house in Springfield. She said, “You have created such a calm and peaceful place here. How can you bear to leave it?” I replied, “I carry that calm and peace with me. I can recreate it anywhere.” Praying for a happy and healthy New Year for you and yours.


  2. I didn’t know about privacy film; maybe it’s what I need here. I have a lot of south and west exposure, and though I enjoy looking out at the trees and bushes (and ignoring the neighbor’s deck on the other side of my back fence), there’s so much light that it creates glare when I’m on the computer, as well as heat gain in the warm months. Do you get the film at any hardware store?

    I do like the bump-out; it creates interest in what might otherwise be just a box. And the woodwork is also good.

    I hope you and the family are well and enjoying life.

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    1. If my view included trees and bushes, I would have looked for a different solution. There are clear films that reduce the sun’s rays that lead to solar gain. And in some rooms/locales it is even desirable to have solar gain (passive solar heat). The film I used is available at most hardware stores. The cost of the film and application materials was less than $85 USD- comparable to low-end (read: unattractive to my eye) light blocking curtains. I completely agree with you about the interest of the bump-out. We are well and happy, eager for the return of normal socializations. I look forward to when we can gather again.


  3. It looks so relaxing & peaceful. I love the privacy film. Had no idea how lovely this would look. Curious about the White Opulence color, as my husband & I are painting our house Designer White, which is a cool white with a touch of gray. It makes everything so cheerful & light. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

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    1. I have been surprised by the difference between cool whites and warm whites (White Opulence is a warm white.) And I do think it is important to choose the shade based on the characteristics of the place you are putting it.


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