Condo Kitchen

Another before

You can see clearly the popular “aughts” color scheme of beige and deep red.


Here is the kitchen after a fresh coat of white paint and a couple new bar stools.

Still working my way around the condo and painting and decorating as I go. More next week.


  1. I feel like I could concentrate better in the “after,” like I could sit at the bar and write a letter or read a book without getting distracted. Your new color, the plant, and one less shelf make everything more peaceful. Strange, I DO like color, just not all the time.

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    1. I love the serene and calm feel to the space. I can’t wait till the next post to see what you have done. I love your post you have away with making life simple but very meaningful. I grew up in St. Louis.

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      1. Thanks Bev! I have learned that I need the calm to be able to respond to the chaos of the world in a loving way. I used to have to work really hard to get there and now I am there most of the time. Practice, I guess. Since you know St. Louis, we are in the DeBalivier neighborhood, just a couple blocks from Forest Park.


    1. Thanks! So far the kitchen has been the most effort (moving all those appliances) for the least visual change. Yet, I am pleased with the results.


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