Reading Nook

Reading Nook: after (there is no “before” shot)

I imagine that it feels like slow-dripping-faucet torture regarding the pace of how I’m posting these reveals. Please know that I am putting these up as soon as the shot is completed.

The staging of this shot required 1) chair and throw and purple book brought over from apartment 2) top two books, lemon drops and middle art piece were all Christmas gifts this year and 3) I loved the art piece so much I went to the artist’s Etsy site (JoanMakesArt) and bought 3 more pieces, two of which you see here.

The art did not arrive until early this week. The frames are from IKEA, as is the lamp.

Plan for next week: the east wall. I have all the components for the sideboard to assemble and all the art stacked in my bedroom, ready to hang. What could go wrong?


    1. Seems that if you live long enough, all the styles return- bell bottoms, high waisted jeans……big paper lanterns. Though, I pray, that hoop skirts do not make a comeback in my life-time. Jeez, you can’t even sit down.

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    1. And it gives me time to complete the next step! Gone are the days of me “pushing through” to get something done on a timetable that exists only in my imagination.


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