Nook by Kitchen

Before: there is room for a small table and chairs. The previous owners had shelving along the beige wall.

I mentioned previously that the kitchen is small, with little storage. I was able to get all my dishes and pots stored there and have been keeping pantry items in the linen closet down the hall. It is a small condo, a short walk down the hall, so this solution was not burdensome. However, I had a vision for a gallery wall.

The cabinet is a configuration of the IKEA Besta shelving. The lichen photo is by my daughter. The acrylic paining is by Joan Milburn. The fish fossil (painted by an unknown artist) was a barter with the previous building manager and the lamp is from Target.

Don’t expect this space to look like this indefinitely. I will change it up on a whim. I have learned that my eye stops “seeing” art if it stays in one place for too long. Changing components here will be a source of play for me.

Still plenty of space, if needed.


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