A Minimalist Bedroom

My bedroom

I have been a minimalist for about 25 years and I enjoy interior design. So I play around with what I own and how I set it about more than most people. Here is how my bedroom is minimalist (and why) and how it is not.

First off, this is the smaller of the two bedrooms in the condo. This room is half the size of the other and the closet is half the size as well. I do get the bigger bathroom. Since I have just a few things to put here to be comfortable, it makes sense. Versus taking the bigger room because I am “the elder,” “the owner,” “the parent” or some other ego driven reason. Beloved son has a bed the same size as mine, plus a folding table that houses his programing computer and the guinea pig’s cage. He has a dresser, 2 guitars, and electric bass and a keyboard, plus a bunch of recording equipment. He needs more space than I do.

You might notice that there are only two pillows on the bed. While I can appreciate the look of a bed piled high with coordinating pillows, I do not have interest in moving them about to make room for me to sleep. And then, where would I put them? Toss them on the floor? Buy a bench to carefully stack them at bedtime? Decorative bed pillows are an unnecessary aggravation and I eschew them. While two pillows may seem excessive when I only use one while sleeping, I do use the second one when I am reading in bed.

I have owned this bed for over 10 years and I find it really comfortable. It has never had a headboard and that has allowed for some creative expression over the years. For many years, I had it under a set of windows and loved having the light flooding the room wake me.

The sconces (two of them!) are from Lamps Plus. They are fixed to the wall, but plug into an outlet, so do not require an electrician. Also, the bulbs are LED.

The tiny round thing on the window ledge is an alarm clock. I don’t use it most days, but handy for when I need one.

The stool gets used for putting on socks and shoes and holding the comforter when I am washing the sheets. It is not necessary, but I love the sculptural look of it and it is easily moved to the living area for extra seating.

Before photo, from a very blurry, slightly different angle.


    1. I have enjoyed your posts on redoing decorating your condo. Love the new floor and how you have brought the same flooring throughout. It makes it flow effortlessly from room to room.
      I chuckled at your description of the decorative pillows being a unnecessary aggravation. That sounds like what my mom would say. I have played with decorative pillows. I think you are right. The bedroom is so serene and inviting can’t wait to see what’s next.

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  1. What a great idea with this painted turquoise round shape as headboard! It is beautiful!

    There are some amusing cultural différences. I think extra pillows are an american thing. I don’t know anybody here who has more than one head pillow (except my mother who has 3 but she is 84), if people need tosit while reading in bed they will have a special “neck pillow” which look like a hard sauseage (!) but I don’t go to other people’s bedroom very often, mostly family (so I might not have an accurate, up to date picture!). But as far as I remember, hotels just have one head pillow per person (but again, I go more often to bed and breakfast” style of hotels than luxury ones).

    As for headboards, most people do not have any either. In old bed there was one, and it mostly complete disappeared in the 60s, now it is resurfacing again, probably seeing luxury looking bed from abroad. I assume it is quite practical for reading if you sit in your bed (I read on my belly).

    Another amusing cultural difference: you don’t use sheet around your conforter? We usually have “bags” made of sheets where we put our conforter. That allows us to wash the conforter…..well never (or maybe once every 5 years, but I have never washed any of mine yet). Do you put your conforter directly in the washing machine?

    Interesting philosophical questions 😉

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    1. Thank you very much for the cultural perspective! The “20 pillows on the bed” is definitely popular here in the states and in decorating magazines and websites. It’s use is said to provide “pops of color” (Ugh-such a tired phrase) and texture. Things I don’t need while sleeping. Use of a duvet (the bag of sheets around a comforter) is popular here too and I have used one before but find them unwieldly. Also popular is using a top sheet which protects the comforter from body oils. But I just use the comforter. It has man-made filling, not feathers and I do wash it about once a month in a front-loading washing machine.


  2. My, that is a small bedroom. Is there a chest of drawers in the closet? And a bookshelf? Or do you bring a book from the livingroom when you want to read in bed?
    This discussion is getting pretty nosy; don’t answer if you don’t want to.

    And yes, I think it’s lovely.

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    1. Hi MaggieWeeder! Yes, there is a dresser in the closet. The closet is the next post. Right now, I only own three books-two I got for Christmas and haven’t read yet. I generally read books borrowed from the library, other institutions or friends. Rarely, do I feel a need to read them twice. Books that I can not borrow I purchase, but rarely do I wish to read one of those again either, so I re-gift them to friends and institutions. Consequently, I do not own a bookshelf. I realize that this is where a lot of people part ways with my minimalism. My point of view is that I am curious about the world, I appreciate it’s natural and cultural beauties. I just don’t feel like I have to own bits of it. In fact I feel freer when I do not own much. Owning the condo is a left turn from this philosophy, which is undertaken for other reasons, which I believe you are aware of.

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  3. I have been following the changes you are making to your condo and like them very much. However, the bedroom is my favorite. It is so calming. I love the painted headboard!

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  4. I also love the serenity of your bedroom Fawn. I did away with the headboard on the bed years ago and certainly do not miss the dusting of it. I think my bedroom is possibly the most minimalist room in my house. I smiled to my self when you talked about your sons bedroom, it sounds just like the room my son has to keep all his musical instruments in. Three guitars, keyboard, electric drum kit and recording gear, plus lots of shelving full of cds and games! Thoroughly enjoying these posts it sounds as though you are settling in well.

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      1. Yes, it is. I am blessed as my older son is also musical (although it has been along time since he was at home) as is my husband. Me, not at all. Although I do love listening to songs and music. I can often be heard humming and singing to myself, but I am usually totally out of tune and singing the wrong words to what ever tune happens to be in my head at the time!

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      2. Ha, ha, ha… this is me–singing to myself with wrong lyrics and out of key. I do love having “real” musicians in my life, though.


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