My Closet


I paid to have this monstrosity installed to make the most of the space AND I like the look of it. I haven’t hung the doors back up, all the better for you to see the details. I will probably buy a different shape of clothing hamper when this one wears out. And I may, at some point, put a mirror where the artwork is. But for now, I need the inspiration of this particular photo.

The Universe is infinite, the fences are man made.

I may or not put the doors back up.


  1. Thank you. Now that I have a washer/dryer in home, I have discovered that I have more than enough clothes. So as things wear out, I’m going to use a two out, one in rule.


  2. I love reading/seeing your posts and miss them when they’re widely spaced out. Posts about your past and how you developed your current ideas on how to live the way you do would be awesome to read. I know you can’t share beyond what you feel comfortable with, especially if it involves other people and family, but I learn so much from what you do post that anything you say would be a learning experience for me and I expect your other readers.

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  3. Shelley, Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. And also the nudge to post more often. The condo renovation has been taking up so much of my attention, but I will be posting more often in the near future and would be happy to do some posts on the how and why of my minimalism.


    1. Thank you. That would be wonderful. You don’t know how your posts have helped me through this past year as they give me something to look forward to as we’re stuck in our homes. Plus, I always learn something.

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