The Balcony

Before view of the balcony (and the newest addition to our household: Rosie.)

Actually the condo has two identical balconies, this one off the living room and the other off the main bedroom, which is my son’s. He did not want his fussied up, so it still looks pretty much like this. Mine, however, got a make-over.

Hard to get a long view of it.

I added a outdoor carpet made of recycled bottles, two chairs from IKEA, a solar lamp from Bed, Bath &Beyond and the white metal table. In the rectangular pots, I have planted morning glories that will enjoy the strong afternoon sun this balcony gets and grow up around the railing.

I have signed up for a native species container gardening class, and after that will add some Purple Cornflower and I don’t know what else. (That’s why I’m taking the class.) I imagine I will post again later in the summer so you all can see how it turned out.

I also added a screen that closes by magnets and I have been enjoying leaving the door open at least part of most spring days.

Night view

And because I know someone is going to ask for more dog photos and information, I end with this photo.

All smiles!

Rosie is an Australian Cattle mix, about a year old and she arrived at the Humane Society as a stray with a lacerated paw pad. Once the staff there got the wound healed and she was spayed, she was up for adoption and we brought her home that day. She loves to go for long walks in the park with us and also likes to play fetch. She is very affectionate and loves to play.


  1. A lovely dog; another embellishment for your home. And I really like the idea of morning glories on your porch railing. We always had morning glories when I was a girl, but no railing, so they climbed up the hollyhocks. My mother liked the Heavenly Blue, but I preferred the smaller ones with more intense color.

    Did you get the announcement about Quarterly Meeting? The program is quite botanical.

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    1. I’m envisioning a little garden nook on the balcony- we’ll see what grows. I did get the announcement about the botanical program, it looks fascinating. I hope to see you soon, in person!


    1. Isn’t it amazing that bringing home a dog increases the love, not as a plus function, not as a multiplier function, but exponentially!


  2. What an adorable dog – how lucky you are. Looking forward to seeing the completed balcony. Mine is 25 ft x 5 ft and I want to decorate it this year so you have inspired me to do so.

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