The Last Count

Those who have followed me for awhile know that I usually do an annual count of my personal possessions each June. Clearly, I am late this year. I’m late this year for two main reasons and probably a hundred little ones. The first is that I have been quite busy with completing the reno of the new condo and also the Master Life Coaching class that I am enrolled in. The second is, after 20 years, I’m a bit bored with it. It takes a bunch of time and I have new interests. So this is the last count. Thank you all who have let me know that you enjoyed these postings! Now, to work.

Miscellaneous object total 19. Pictured here, clockwise: suitcase, yoga mat, sewing kit, towel, laptop, (sun)glasses and case [counted as one thing,] wallet, purse, memory box, iron. Not pictured include: the cell phone, the car, the shower curtain, trash can and soap dispenser in my bath. Included in this category and pictured in later photos include my laundry basket, bed, and 2 lamps.
New category- Work. This is stuff for my coaching business. 15 objects including a paper calendar, file box (not pictured), shredder, wood bin for office supplies, reference books x 8, a thumb drive, a journal and the ring light. #15
Bed and lamps
Personal care #7. I stopped counting the consumable stuff a couple years ago.

Clothing is a total of 67 items, including 21 undergarments which are not photographed.

Many of you will remember this black dress and sparkly silver sweater.

Four seasons of shoes. I wear those walking shoes every day during my treks to Forest Park with Rosie.
I like the ambivalence of the “Run” shirt. I could be encouraging exercise or warning people away. Clockwise: yoga outfits x3, paint clothes, 4 sweaters, a winter hat and gloves.
Summer hat, 3 masks, a necklace and pair of earrings.
Swimsuit. I have had this one for about 10 years.
2 pair jeans
Winter weight pants and one of the three coats.
2 more coats. I added a rain coat for dog walking on wet days.
A winter scarf and a fancy scarf. When not in use, they hang on the same hanger.
Here are two of the seven summer outfits.
Outfit 3.
Outfit 4.
Outfit 5.
Outfit 6. And yes, I have two pair of shorts that are exactly the same.
Here is everything in the closet, except outfit 7, because I am wearing it. Books on the tops shelf are not counted, as I will gift them after I have read them.

So there you go. The end of an era.


  1. I see you being a bit more generous with your wardrobe, adding work stuff and more than one yoga outfit. But “old faithfuls” are still in the pictures. I’ve loved seeing the annual counts, and despite my inability to approach your discipline it was a reminder to take care of my excesses and dispose of them carefully, thoughtfully. A real world picture of simple living, that was neither barren nor deprived. I took away useful lessons. Thanks for giving me a world view that was real, simple and enough.
    Bright Blessings on your new ventures.

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    1. Thank you, Lou! I am glad that my message of creative “enough” landed with you. You are so right-I never felt deprived, never a victim of circumstance. My thoughts were always McGyverish- here we have a paper clip, a cork and a 2 liter plastic bottle and 2 minutes….how do we disarm the bomb? Or, in my world, how do a create a life with my children that feels abundant and meets their needs? It has been a lot of fun. I hope that my readers got a sense of that!


    1. Thanks for letting me know. As I alluded to in my response to Lou, I have loved the creative aspects of this challenge. I am now ready to apply that creative energy to bigger questions. Hoo Yay!


  2. I appreciate that you have completed one more count. I was one of those folks that emailed you in June regarding this. This has always been a favorite post of mine, but I can certainly understand that you are probably bored with the counting. Onto new & brighter things, hopefully.

    Oh, and happy belated birthday!

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    1. Linda- Thank you! The birthday was wonderful! Yeah…after 20+ years, there is nothing really new for me there. Yes, I could get it down to 75 items, but it would be uncomfortable, and that is not the point. I’ve always tried to argue that having all the right tools is [mmmwah! fingers to kiss and out gesture]. Having too many things is just a drag. Not having enough is poverty. Every single one of us needs to know what our enough point is…the other humans on the planet are counting on us to get it right!


      1. Amen to having just enough. You are so right about having too many things, & not having enough. I see young 20 something you tubers showing their wardrobes of just 15 things for year ’round. Somehow that few items just does not feel right for me. I don’t have alot of clothes (maybe 65-ish) things. We have 4 seasons where I live so some items are season dependent.

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      2. With 15 clothing items, you would definitely have to do laundry more often. That seems about the right number if you are living out of a backpack.


  3. Hi, Fawn! I’m a little bit sad because of ‘the end of an era'((( Anyway, thank you for being my inspiration since 2014. Best of luck! Do you have plans to post on this blog?

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    1. Thanks for your interest in the count over the years! I am keeping the blog. I hope to submit the condo renovation to Apartment Therapy’s Before and After segment. Also, I am teaching a class in decorating with sustainability in mind this coming spring and I will post some of that content here as well.


  4. Thank you for all of the posts with counts and especially the pictures. They were very inspiring for me to reduce what I own. I will miss them but totally understand your wanting to move on to other things. I also am enjoying your pictures of your condo renovation. Good luck to you!

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  5. Fawn, I always enjoy these posts. Thank you for indulging your long-time readers in this last annual count. Looking forward to future posts on what will be inspiring to you then! Blessings from Teresa.
    “Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there is a future,” -Daphne Rose Kingma.

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