Bathroom Décor Update

Before: note the unframed mirror, glass shelves, towel bar and hoop, generic shower liner and general lack of personality.
The starting to rust light fixture.
After: simple silhouette lamp, framed mirror, crisp white on the walls and removed unnecessary wall accessories.
Mostly, I just removed everything I didn’t use on a daily basis. Hand towels are in a basket on the toilet tank.
Detail of a hand made hook hole.

The standard size of shower curtain (72″ x 72″) was not long enough to suit me, I wanted it an 8 ” longer. Fabrics those dimensions at the fabric store cost a fortune. So I kept my eyes open for an attractive sheet set to be on sale. When I spotted one I liked, I kept the pillow cases and fitted sheet for my bed, and converted the flat sheet into this shower curtain by trimming it to fit and adding holes for the hooks.

The entire refresh came in under $200 USD.


    1. Funny thing about those shelves- in addition to being head height when stepping out of a wet shower, they also caught the air from the HVAC vent. So no matter how often they were dusted, next cycle of the heating and cooling system, they looked like your grandmother’s attic.

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  1. Dear Fawn, I am also looking for a new shower curtain and find it difficult to find. I was wondering if, by choosing a normal fabric, how you manage so it doesn’t get soaked when you take a shower. Have you doubled it with another “normal” shower curtain under?

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    1. Here is the US, it is most common to find a plastic “liner” which is the real shower curtain and then a fabric outer one for décor. It is possible to find single shower curtains which fill both roles, but I wanted to have them separate for this tub. The tub is fiberglass and there is a good 6″ difference between the floor of the tub and the floor of the room. And it is not very attractive. By having the shorter, plastic liner hang inside the tub and the longer decorative fabric hang outside, I keep the floor dry and hide the ugly tub.


  2. Dear Fawn, it looks so much fresher and safer having removed the glass shelves. I have the same light over my bathroom sink – we both obviously have good taste!

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