Getting Directions

A little bit of light in the winter darkness.

Dear reader- You are a being of love. Created by it, made for it.

If that seems a long, long way from the circumstances in which you find yourself right now, it is possible that you took a wrong turn. Most likely, someone close to you gave you some bad directions. We also get bad directions from strangers and our culture. It is not entirely their fault, bad directions tend to be repeated by tradition and consensus. Someone takes a tiny nugget of truth and turns it into A Story. A Story with a protagonist and a moral and an antagonist. A Story that leaves out bits that didn’t seem relevant at first. A Story, but not the whole story.

Anyway, I left you a long, long way from feeling love without giving you the directions back home. Actually, I don’t have the directions for you to get back. I don’t know exactly where you are lost. But you do. Your heart knows the way back home. Never left it, in fact.

If you want your mind and body and spirit to join your heart, you are going to have to turn the volume down on the loudmouth, your mind, and listen to the rest of you.

What does your heart long for? If you get an answer like “a 1952 roadster” you haven’t turned the volume down enough on your thinking. Your heart is longing for feeling states: connection, security, joy. A material object might be a path to those feelings, but it is not the only one. And we don’t want to limit our options so early in the game.

Let your body get rested and relaxed. Then notice your gut. Is it twisted in knots? Full of butterflies? Find the things that let your gut be calm. Incorporate those things into your day.

Check with your spirit, what feels more free?

After you have input from your heart, gut, spirit- then, and only then, is the time to invite your mind to the party. Ask it “How can I do this?” The mind is a terrible master, but an excellent servant.

When all of our parts are working together, when we are aligned, the way home is not so confusing.

You are love. I am love. I will meet you there.

8 thoughts on “Getting Directions

  1. Oh my, I so agree the mind is such a loudmouth. Listen, listen, listen to your gut! Been working on this recently, such a timely post. Thank you, it was a joy to read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fawn,
    Saving this insightful, meaningful and up lifting post, to enjoy re-reading. May print it off and place it a
    it one of my favorite locations – inside a kitchen cabinet door, where it is so easy to glance up often and re-read.
    Have a lovely holiday season.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh! I love this idea of putting something I want to read again inside a cabinet door. Just a lovely “Oh yes, my dear friend. Thank you for reminding me.” XO


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