Household Count 2020

All the kitchen stuff out on the table.

Working clockwise, starting at the top: Blender, coffee maker, water kettle, skillet with lid, casserole with lid, 5 glass food storage containers (4 in photo-1 in fridge with food in it,) 4 mugs, 4 glasses, in one of the mugs are: [4 forks, 4 butter knives, 4 soup spoons, 3 serving spoons,] 6 plates, 5 bowls, saucepan w/ lid, 13 various cooking utensils, a measuring cup, 2 sauce dishes, stainless steel mixing bowl, colander, tower grater, fruit bowl, jelly roll pan, 3 dish clothes and the cutting board. #70 items.

Bathroom (#5 items)

No photos beyond what I have already posted. Items: shower liner, trash can, soap dispenser, (fake) plant, jade Buddha statute.

Common Spaces Furniture & D├ęcor (#13 items)

The red chairs (2), rug, black mirror cabinet, mirror, plants (that have lived so far….) x3, jade toad, framed photo, crystal, table, lamp.

Oh, and I forgot the trash can in the kitchen that is semi-attached. so #89 common household items. What a curious game this is…..

2020 Personal Items Count (#92 items)

Long-time readers know that I count my items each year around my birthday as a mindfulness tool. Many of you have told me that it is your favorite post of the year. Let’s get started.

Clockwise, spiraling in: laundry basket, vacuum, tools glasses & case, tote bag, lap top, calendar, wallet, emWave (more on this another day,) yoga mat and blocks, memory box, towel, sewing kit, iron.

Miscellaneous items not pictured: cell phone, car, umbrella, the bed. Total miscellaneous items #21.

Clothing (total clothing items #61)

Outfit 1
Outfit 2
Outfits 3 & 4. Dresses are so much cooler in the summer!
Outfit 5 and a scarf that goes with all three dresses.
Outfit 6
The same black dress you have been seeing for years and a sparkly summer sweater-counting this as 2 items.
Left side of closet, you can see the dresser and on the top shelf some borrowed books for a class I am taking.
The right side of the closet. On shelf, more books for the course and below, a file cabinet for a new business venture. Also, more on that later this summer.
Two coats
Three sweaters, a pashmina, a hat, 2 purses.
Three yoga outfits. I also use these a pajamas.
Three pair of shoes. Now that I am walking almost everywhere, I have no tolerance for shoes that make my feet hurt.
Paint clothes, swimsuit, 3 masks and earrings. Plus 10 hangers.
Toiletry bag, hair clip, comb, grooming scissors, nail clippers, toothbrush and razor.

Personal care items #7. Just for transparency, I stopped counting the consumables, but if you are wanting to keep track: I use a natural bar soap which also works as a shampoo and shaving lubricant, a hair conditioner, tooth paste, floss, foundation, eyebrow pencil and mascara.

I’ve started a new category called business which currently has 3 items: the file cabinet and a shredder and a bin for office supplies.

That is a total of 92 objects for myself alone. It does not include household and kitchen items shared with my son. I will do a post later in the summer listing those objects.




2019 Count

Beloved readers- I know that many of you wait eagerly all year for this post. And most years I have been equally eager to post it. But this year? Meh. Let me explain.

While I stand by my previous statement that minimalism makes almost everything easier, this has been a difficult year by any standard. I have moved. Twice. My youngest son has been hospitalized. Twice. And he has moved in with me, as he is currently unable to work or attend school. That makes three moves this year. He is undergoing treatment and we have high hopes of his disability being temporary.

So while my decades-long minimalism made all that moving a lot easier, I haven’t been excited about minimalism, like before. Just grateful for it during this challenging year.

But my dear readers have reminded me about how much fun minimalism can be and encouraged me to post the yearly count of stuff. So here it is:

Clothing (59 items total)

Winter coat. This will likely be replaced this fall.
Outfit 1.
Outfit 2.
Outfit 3.
Outfit 4.
Outfit 5.
Outfit 6.
2 yardwork outfits.
The same black dress you have been looking at for 5+ years and a sparkly sweater. (counting this as 2 items)
The swimsuit and cover up. (counting this as 2 items)
Holy Moly! How did I accumulate 7 pairs of shoes!
From top, going clockwise: belt, 3 sweaters, necklace and earrings, headband, 3 exercise outfits, gloves, hairclip.

Add to the count 9 hangers seen in previous photos and 18 undergarments.

Miscellaneous Items (item count 16)

Nine years, 209,000 miles and still going strong!
Clockwise: laundry basket, file box, purse, wallet, glasses/sunglasses/case, lap top, tote bag, To-go cup, coffee carafe, memory box, sewing kit, towel. Not pictured: cell phone.
Bed. While I am NOT a fan of decorative pillows that must be removed before the humans can get in the bed, this one doubles as a meditation cushion.

Personal Care (total items #7)

Toiletry bag, comb, nail clippers, grooming scissors, razor, pencil sharpener, toothbrush.

I’m not counting the 4 items of make-up which are consumables, but included them in the photo, for those curious about my make-up requirements. Just these 4 items: foundation, eyebrow pencil, mascara and hair tamer.

Also not included in the count this year: furniture and kitchen stuff that I share with my son. We combined households and there is some duplication, but I am not sorting it out until we determine the length of our rooming together.

I am ever so grateful for you all, my readers, and I will answer any questions you have about the count or my process of deciding on objects.